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T-Mobile USA

Major cellular phone provider.

U.S. Headquarters:
12920 SE 38th St.
Bellevue, WA 98006
Employees: 36,000
CEO: Philipp Humm
Subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom

Website: http://www.t-mobile.com

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T-Mobile USA is a national provider of wireless phone and data service. The company has over 33.2 million subscribers. It is the nation's fourth-largest cellular phone provider and now offers high-speed 4G service along with smartphones using Google's Android operating system.

AT&T announced in March 2011 it would acquire T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom for a total of $39 billion, which includes $25 billion in cash and $14 billion in stock. But in December, AT&T called off the deal due to anti-trust issues.

T-Mobile is the U.S. operating entity of T-Mobile International, the mobile communications subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom. T-Mobile is part of one of the largest communications companies in the world, with about 130 million customers worldwide.

The company reported $20.6 billion in revenues in 2011 in the USA, down from $21.3 billion the previous year.

T-Mobile says it was hurt in 2011 because it didn't carry the iPhone from Apple which the top three carriers all offer.Contract customers make up 79% of the company's subscriber base with the rest using prepaid services. The company says 11 million subscribers are now using smartphones on the network.

“In 2011, T-Mobile USA showed solid financial performance with a remarkable adjusted OIBDA turn- around in the second half of the year, despite nine challenging months during the pending acquisition. We further increased our 4G data speed to 42 Mbps, expanded our sales channels, launched 25 new 4G handsets and significantly improved our operational efficiency,” said Philipp Humm CEO and President of T-Mobile USA. “However, not carrying the iPhone led to a significant increase in contract deactivations in the fourth quarter of 2011. In 2012 and 2013, T-Mobile USA will invest to get the business back to growth, including an incremental $1.4 billion investment in its network modernization initiative, which will total a $4 billion investment over time.”


Formerly known as Voicestream Wireless, T-Mobile USA was launched in 2002 with service to California and Nevada.


Recognition Programs

T-Mobile employees work hard, and in return, T-Mobile works hard to reward top performers with unique and exciting experiences. From trips, to events, to rewards, we recognize people in fun and creative ways.

Time-Off Programs

At T-Mobile, we know it’s important to have balance away from our jobs – to re-energize, spend time with those we care about, and sometimes just take care of life’s little errands. Our Paid Time Off (PTO) program allows our employees to have the flexibility, convenience and control over how they choose to use their time off. Because we are a culture that values hard work, yet makes time to have fun, we think you will be pleased with our generous Paid Time Off Program. Regular Full-Time and Regular Part-Time I employees begin accruing Paid Time Off from their first day on the job and can accrue 88 – 232 hours per year (based on classification and tenure). In addition to PTO days we observe eight paid holidays per year.


* New Year’s Day
* President’s Day
* Memorial Day
* Independence Day
* Labor Day
* Thanksgiving (2 days)
* Christmas Day

Phone and Service Programs

New employees may purchase up to two T-Mobile devices at a discount and receive a generous rate plan for a low monthly fee. And it is easy to keep up with the latest technology and products through our handset upgrade program.

Employee Referral Program

Employees who refer talented people to the T-Mobile team can earn bonus cash. The people you want to work with are the people we want working with us.

Comprehensive Healthcare

At T-Mobile, we appreciate the importance of high-quality health care benefits. They’re at the heart of our commitment to our world-class employees. In medical, dental and vision coverage, we offer the flexibility that allows you to decide what’s right for you, and for your family or dependents. We also have a wellness discount program that offers savings of up to 50 percent on products and services that can lead to fitter, healthier lifestyles. Weight management, smoking cessation, vitamins/supplements, fitness memberships and many other discounted programs and services are available.

FT and PT I employees working in the United States or on approved foreign assignments are eligible to enroll as of the first day of the month after 30 days of continuous employment and may cover their eligible dependants if they wish. Domestic partners (same or opposite gender) may be covered if they meet eligibility requirements. The cost of coverage is generally shared between the company and participating employees with employees paying their share of the cost through payroll reduction on a pre-tax basis.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Flexible spending accounts offer a convenient, pre-tax way to help pay for health care coverage and for eligible health and dependent care expenses not otherwise reimbursed through other sources . The pre-tax feature saves money by reducing taxable income and allows you to pay for eligible health care and dependant care expenses with dollars not subject to income and other payroll tax withholding.

FT and PT employees can contribute to both a health care spending account that allows them to save for eligible, non-reimbursed health expenses and a dependant care spending account which allows them to save for eligible childcare and eldercare expenses with pre-tax dollars.

Employee Assistance and Work/Life Balance

All employees have access to a wide variety of resources for themselves and their families that include counseling, legal services, child-care referral, and financial services.

Educational Assistance

Perhaps you’ve already made a commitment to life-long learning. Perhaps you haven’t had the opportunity, until now. At T-Mobile, we don’t just encourage your commitment to life-long learning, we support it. Regular FT employees may be eligible for financial assistance for classes directly related to their jobs.

Childcare Subsidy

Balancing work and family is always a challenge. At T-Mobile we aim to tip the scales in your favor with the Childcare Subsidy Program. Eligible employees can receive $125 a month to help with child-care costs.

Life and Disability Insurance

Basic life insurance, accidental death & dismemberment, short-term disability and long-term disability are all company-paid benefits available to eligible employees. Employees who qualify may also purchase additional life insurance for themselves as well as limited amounts of life insurance on dependents.

T-Mobile 401(k) Savings Plan

A 401(k) plan is a retirement savings account funded by employee contributions and matching contributions from the employer.

All employees are eligible to participate in T-Mobile’s 401(k) plan immediately upon hire.

You may contribute up to 99 percent of your salary, up to the IRS yearly maximum.

The employer match begins after six months of employment. T-Mobile matches the first 3 percent of your salary at 100 percent, and the next 2 percent at 50 percent, for a total match of 4 percent on an employee contribution of at least 5 percent.

All contributions are vested immediately. There are several investment options and no age requirements.

Voluntary Benefits

T-Mobile’s Voluntary Benefits allows employees to choose from an array of products and services from well-known, national providers and enjoy discounted group rates.

Updated May 1, 2012