Sealed Air

Maker of packaging for food and consumer use.

200 Riverfront Blvd.
Elmwood Park, NJ 07407
Employees: 26,300
CEO: William Hickey
Stock Symbol: SEE


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Sealed Air is a leading global manufacturer of materials and systems for protective, presentation, and fresh food packaging in the industrial, food, and consumer markets. The company's major brands include Bubble Wrap, Cryovac, Instapak, and Jiffy Mailer.

Bubble Wrap is often used in packaging to protect items being shipped from damage. Cryovac develops food packaging products to keep meats fresh and safe. The company also develops solar heating covers for swimming pools.

The company owns 4,600 patents and more than 9,000 trademarks.

Sealed Air had $5.6 billion in revenue in 2011 with net earnings of $149.1 million. The company has 145 manufacturing facilities and 56 lab/research facilities. It operates in 62 countries with distribution in 175 countries.

The company employs over 460 scientists and engineers plus over 850 application and equipment experts.

In 2011, Sealed Air acquired Diversey, a leading solutions provider to the cleaning and sanitation market, for $2.6 billion.


The Sealed Air story began in 1960 when inventors Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes created AirCap cellular cushioning. Initially, the duo considered marketing the new material as textured wallpaper. They quickly realized that they had an even bigger opportunity. AirCap cushioning material, was formally introduced as a far superior alternative to the traditional material (wadded paper and bogus or shredded newspaper) used for cushioning, interleaving and surface protection applications. Through a proprietary Barrier Bubble technology, the air cellular materials were subsequently manufactured with an air retention coating to prevent air loss providing consistent protection. Sealed Air's Barrier Bubble technology became the basis for several air cellular products, including PolyCap cushioning, Bubblebags pouches and product laminations.

Cryovac food packaging products have enabled the safe, secure distribution of fresh meat, poultry and other food products for more than 50 years.
- Cryovac packaging efficiently extends shelf life and reduces the incidence of spoilage so that fresh, wholesome and nutritious food products travel safely from the processor to the dinner table.
- The Cryovac business pioneered the use of vacuum packaging technology that is essential to the year-round distribution of meat, poultry and seafood for a growing, hungry world.
- Cryovac packaging systems help to spread the convenience of case ready fresh meat distribution in modern supermarkets, as well as the health and convenience of refrigerated meat distribution in developing economies.

Updated May 6, 2012

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