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One of the world's leading car makers.

One American Road
Dearborn, MI 48126
Employees: 181,000
CEO: Mark Fields
Stock Symbol: F

Website: http://www.ford.com

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Ford is a global maker of automobiles and trucks. Ford sells vehicles under the Ford and Lincoln brands.

Once the second-largest automaker, Ford is now third place in the U.S. behind GM and Toyota.

Ford sells cars under the model names Fusion, Explorer, Ranger, F-Series, Fiesta and Lincoln MKZ.

The company plans to launch 23 new or significantly improved vehicles around the world in 2014 including the all-new Mustang and all-new F-150.

In 2013, Ford Motor reported revenues of $146.9 billion, up from $133.5 billion, and net income of $7.2 billion. The company reported its fifth consecutive profitable year.

The company also offers financing under Ford Motor Credit. In 2013, Ford Credit had revenues of $7.8 billion.

The company sold 6,330,000 vehicles worldwide in 2013, up from 5,668,000. There were 3,088,000 cars and trucks sold in North America in 2013.

Ford has 181,000 employees and 65 plants worldwide. Employment has increased by 10,000 over the past year.

Mark Fields became the new CEO of Ford in July 2014.


The company was founded by Henry Ford on June 16, 1903 with 11 associates and $28,000 in cash. He realized the future growth in cars would come from selling to a mass market. In 1908, the Model T was born and eventually sold 15 million vehicles.

In the 1950s, Ford introduced the iconic Thunderbird in 1955 and the Edsel brand automobile line in 1958; Edsel was cancelled after less than 27 months in the marketplace in November 1960. The company introduced the compact Ford Falcon in 1960 and the Mustang in 1964. Ford of Europe was established in 1967.

In 1979, Ford acquired a 25% stake in Mazda. In 1989, the company acquired Jaguar.

In 1985, Ford introduced the Taurus, which would become a best-selling family car. In 1987, the company acquired Aston Martin Logonda and Hertz Rent-a-Car.

The Ford Explorer SUV was introduced in 1990.

The company phased out the Mercury brand in 2011.

Benefits - For Salaried Workers

* Health Care
Medical coverage is available for all new Ford Motor Company employees on the first day of employment. Dependents are also covered, including an eligible spouse or same-sex domestic partner, and children. On the first day of the fourth month of employment, employees become eligible for Ford Flex, which includes medical, dental, vision, prescription, life insurance and disability insurance coverage.
* Medical
Ford Motor Company offers HMOs and PPOs. Each provides a wide variety of coverage for employees and their dependents. Hospital, surgical and medical benefits, as well as availability, vary for each of these plans.
* Dental
Employees and eligible dependents can elect dental coverage for a monthly contribution of approximately 10% of the company's cost. These benefits include usual, customary and reasonable (UCR) charges for routine preventive care. Most other treatments are covered at 50 to 70 percent of UCR charges. Dental and orthodontic services have limitations for each eligible person. Alternative plans are also available, and coverage may also be declined.
* Prescriptions
The Ford Medical Plan, a PPO, has a $7 co-pay for generic prescriptions and $15 to $35 for brand names. Other co-pays apply to mail-order suppliers. HMO and other PPO plans provide separate prescription drug coverage.
* Life Insurance
Ford Motor Company provides life insurance equal to one and one-half times annual base salary.
* Disability
Benefits are also available due to disability from accident, illness or pregnancy. These benefits increase with length of service and begin after six months of employment.

Paid Time Off

* Vacations
Ford Motor Company has a very generous paid vacation policy that is based on years of service. Five days of paid vacation are available to new employees hired between January 1 and August 1 in the year of hire. As many as 25 days of paid time off are available after 20 years.
* Holidays
The number of paid holidays varies from year to year.

Enrollment in the salaried employee retirement plan is automatic upon your date of hire. The company makes periodic contributions to employee accounts, and employees make their own investment choices from a selection of mutual funds.


* Ford Money Market Account
This program is available to all salaried employees at time of hiring. It allows employees to invest through payroll deductions. It provides money-market interest rates, liquidity and preservation of capital.
* Savings And Stock Investment Plans
SSIP is available to employees after one month of service. It is a convenient and diverse savings program that allows tax-deferred and after-tax investments through automatic salary deduction. Certain rollover contributions from previous employers are also accepted in the SSIP program.

Updated September 30, 2014