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Swedish maker of telecommunications equipment.

U.S. Headquarters:
6300 Legacy Dr.
Plano, TX 75024
Employees: 56,055 worldwide
CEO: Carl-Henric Svanberg
Stock Symbol: ERIC

Website: http://www.ericsson.com

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Ericsson is a leading supplier of network equipment and services for telecommunications. In a joint venture with Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications, the company offers a range of cellular phones, including supporting multimedia applications and other personal communication services. In addition Ericsson has products for special applications within defense systems, enterprise, cables, mobile platforms and power modules.

In 2005, Ericsson employed 56,055 people worldwide with 21,178 in Sweden.

The company's 10 largest markets for sales are: 1) USA (12%), 2. China (8%), 3. Italy (7%), 4. Spain (5%), 5. Brazil (5%), 6. Sweden (4%), 7. Mexico (4%), 8. UK (3%), 9. Russia (3%), 10. Turkey (3%).

The company has headquarters in Stockholm with U.S. operations in Plano, TX.


It all began in the year 1876, in a 13-square meter repair workshop for telegraph instruments in downtown Stockholm. 30-year-old mechanic Lars Magnus Ericsson laid the foundation for one of the world's leading telecommunication companies with his former work colleague Carl Johan Andersson. It was, coincidentally, the same year that Alexander Graham Bell filed his patent application for a telephone in the United States.

In 1878, Ericsson develops an improved version of the Bell telephone, which first went on sale in Sweden the year before. By 1889, Ericsson had manufactured 20,000 telephones. The company made an agreement to supply telephones and switchboards to Sweden's first telecom operating company, Stockholms Allmänna Telefonaktiebolag.

The company established its first U.S. sales office in New York in 1902.

Updated December 20, 2006

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