Maker of technology and climate-control products.

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Headquarters: 8000 W. Florissant Avenue
P.O. Box 4100
St. Louis, MO 63136
Employees: 133,000
CEO: David Farr
Stock Symbol: EMR

Website: http://www.emerson.com

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Emerson is a global company that makes a wide variety of products for industrial, consumer and commercial markets.

Emerson's technologies and products include:
- Sophisticated process control systems that help ensure the efficient, safe and high-quality production of everything from petroleum and chemicals to food products and pharmaceuticals;
- Climate control technologies that enable environmentally friendly, energy-efficient air conditioning and refrigeration for commercial and residential cooling and comfort;
- Reliable power technologies that help safeguard the Internet and phone and computer networks from electric power outages and disruptions;
- Durable, energy-efficient electric motors used by commercial businesses and that run many home appliances; and
- A range of other products that bring efficiency, organization, convenience and comfort to homes and the workplace, such as closet and storage systems, kitchen food disposers, ceiling fans, and plumbing and hand tools.

Emerson has more than 60 divisions that operate approximately 235 manufacturing locations worldwide and market products in over 150 countries.

In fiscal 2012, Emerson reported revenues of $24.4 billion, a 1% increase, and net income of $2.0 billion.

“Emerson delivered another solid year of operational performance in 2012 despite a challenging global macroeconomic environment,” said Chairman and Chief Executive Officer David N. Farr. “The global economic climate is unusually weak for this stage in a normal recovery cycle. Our businesses remained focused on execution and managing through uncertain market conditions – hallmarks of Emerson’s culture. The record operating margin performance reflects our continuing efforts to drive innovation and operational excellence despite unique challenges, and provides a solid foundation as we move into 2013.”


In 1892, two Scotland-born brothers, Charles and Alexander Meston, saw a tremendous business opportunity in patenting a reliable electric motor and decided to launch a new company. They persuaded John Wesley Emerson, a former Union army officer, judge and lawyer, to be their principal investor. The company, then known as Emerson Electric Manufacturing Co., quickly began exploring new uses for the largely untested technology of electricity in a variety of household and commercial applications.

In 1892, Emerson sold the first electric fans in America - a product for which the company soon became renowned. As the company grew, it expanded its product line by attaching electric motors to new products such as sewing machines, dental drills, player pianos and power tools.

During World War II, Emerson was a supplier to the U.S. Army Air Force, becoming the world's largest manufacturer of aircraft gun turrets.


Some of the benefits offered include:

Health & Dental Care
- Medical Plan - You and your dependents are provided managed care benefits applicable to the location of your employment. Besides coverage for hospitalization and medical care, the plan includes provisions for hospice care, home healthcare, and skilled nursing facility care.
- Prescription Drug Plan - Our health care plan provides prescription drug coverage for outpatient drugs, both generic and brand name.
- Mental Health/Substance Abuse Plan - Through our Employee Assistance Program (EAP), you can coordinate care for mental health or substance abuse. The plan contains benefits for both free counseling sessions and treatment programs.
- Dental Plan - This program is designed to encourage prevention of dental problems as well as provide assistance with payment of dental care expenses. Certain preventive services are covered 100% with no deductible.
Flexible Spending Account Program - You may make pre-tax income contributions to a Flexible Spending Account for reimbursement of eligible health care and dependent care expenses.
Life Insurance
- Various life insurance plans are available: Basic Term Life Insurance, Basic Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance, and Travel Insurance are free of charge. Optional Term Life Insurance (a supplemental program available at group rates for the entire family) and Optional AD&D Insurance are provided at favorable employee paid premiums.
Disability Income - Should you become disabled, you will receive a percentage of monthly income, depending on your length of service. Short-term and long-term disability coverage is provided.
Personal Insurance Coverage
- You may purchase group homeowners, renters, automobile, personal liability, long-term care, and other insurance at group rates through Answer Financial.
Employee Savings Investment Plan (ESIP) - This plan allows you to contribute from 1% to 40% of your total compensation. For each dollar you contribute (up to 7% of your compensation either before or after tax), the company will match $.60. These matching funds are invested in parent company, Emerson, stock. Vesting in the company contribution occurs at 20% per complete year of service (100% in five years). Various investment options are available.
Pension Plan
- Employees make no contributions to the defined benefit pension plan and are fully vested after five years.
Emerson Stock Purchase Plan - This plan allows you to become a part owner of Emerson. As an employee, you may buy shares of Emerson Common Stock through payroll deduction.
Tuition Reimbursement -
Tuition and lab fee costs are reimbursed 100% upon successful completion of undergraduate and/or graduate level courses taken on a voluntary basis.

Holidays and Vacation ­
Emerson offers generous holiday and vacation benefits.

Updated November 23, 2012