Provider of electricity and natural gas.

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601 Travis St., Suite 1400
Houston, TX 77002
Employees: 1,077
CEO: Robert Flexon
Stock Symbol: DYN

Website: http://www.dynegy.com

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Dynegy provides wholesale power, capacity and ancillary services to utilities, cooperatives, municipalities and other energy companies in 14 states in key U.S. regions of the Midwest, the Northeast and the West Coast. The company's power generation portfolio consists of approximately 13,900 megawatts of baseload, intermediate and peaking power plants fueled by a mix of coal, fuel oil and natural gas.

Dynegy has the capacity to generate enough electricity to power nearly 10 million homes nationwide. The company serves residential, municipal, commercial and industrial customers through its Homefield Energy business in Illinois.

In 2013, Dynegy acquired Ameren Energy Resources of Illinois. Dynegy will add more than 8,000 megawatts (MW) of generating capacity in Illinois, and nearly 14,000 MW nationally.

For 2012, Dynegy reported revenues of $1.29 billion and net income of $8 million. The company emerged from bankruptcy in 2012.

The company's name is from the combination of dynamic and energy.


1984 - Company began as Natural Gas Clearinghouse, a marketer of natural gas

1997 - Acquired Destec Energy Inc. marking Dynegy's entrance into the independent power producer sector

1998 - Name changed from Natural Gas Clearinghouse to Dynegy Inc.

2000 - Completed merger with Illinova including the present-day Illinois power generation assets

2002 - Announced exit from energy marketing and trading business. Company initiated self-restructuring plan focused on strategic, financial and governance issues

2005 - Sold Midstream natural gas business to focus on power generation business

2006 - Completed multi-year self-restructuring initiative. Announced combination with LS Power

2007 - Closed deal with LS Power


Dynegy offers an excellent total rewards package and ongoing career development programs. Dynegy provides varied and comprehensive benefits, compensation and recognition programs:

Compensation & Incentive Pay

Dynegy pays for performance. Your salary growth and opportunity for promotion are based on your individual performance and contributions to the success of Dynegy. We maintain market and internal data sources to ensure our compensation package remains current and competitive in this ever-changing employment market. Our compensation program also includes a performance-based incentive bonus program for eligible employees.

Health & Dental

At Dynegy, your health and dental plans are available to you upon employment. Our core plan is an account based health plan with a health savings account. The terms of our plan are above average for your coverage and out-of-pocket protection.

401(k) Savings Plan

You are eligible to contribute to the 401(k) Savings Plan on a pretax basis, in one percent increments of your base pay up to the annual before-tax contribution limit set by the IRS. The company makes matching contribution to your 401(k) savings account based on your contributions and plan eligibility provisions.

Retirement Plan

Regular full-time employees also receive an annual company credit equal to 6% of your annual base pay into the Portable Retirement Benefit Plan or credited company service in a defined benefit retirement plan based on plan eligibility.

Flexible Work Schedule

It is essential that the company continue to create a work environment that is challenging and conducive to maximum performance, while providing employees with an appropriate balance between their work and personal lives.

Time Away from Work

An important benefit of your total reward package at Dynegy is time away from work-whether it’s for travel or recreation, to recuperate from illness or care for a sick family member, to perform your civic duty or celebrate holidays. Our programs, provided at no cost, provide employees with a personal paid time bank each year that provides the freedom to take time away from work for vacation, holidays not observed by the company, or for any other personal reasons. In addition, a bank of sick time is available each year to use for your own occasional or extended injury or illness, or for pregnancy. Other leave programs at Dynegy include long-term disability, maternity leave, new parent leave, family illness leave, and military leave.

Updated December 10, 2013