Charter Communications

Provider of cable television and high-speed Internet service.

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12405 Powerscourt Drive
St. Louis, MO 63131
Employees: 15,500
CEO: Neil Smit
Stock Symbol: CHTR


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Charter Communications is one of the nation's top cable companies offering analog and digital cable TV service, high-speed Internet broadband access and telephone service.

As of September 30, 2005 Charter served 5,906,300 analog cable customers, 2,749,400 digital customers, 2,120,000 high-speed Internet and 89,900 telephone customers. The company operates in markets across the country including parts of California, Nevada, Texas, Michigan, Wisconsin and Missouri.

The company was founded in 1993. Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, is the largest shareholder in the company.

In 2004, Charter reported revenues of $4.9 billion and net loss of $4.3 billion.


As a Charter employee, you automatically receive or can request these basic benefits.
Cable Service
Employees who live in a Charter service area receive cable tv services free of charge.
Charter employees receive 6 paid holidays and 3 floating holidays per year.
Employees accrue vacation hours on the basis of 24 pay periods per year, two times each month. Employees who are eligible for two weeks vacation per year may accrue up to 120 hours a year in the first five years of service, and up to 160 hours after 5 years employed with Charter.
Sick Leave
Employees accumulate 4 hours of sick leave per month. Sick leave may be used for yourself or for care of a sick family member.
Personal Leave
Under extenuating circumstances, employees may take up to 60 days of personal leave, or after one year's service under the Family Medial Leave Act (FMLA) up to 12 weeks, to care for yourself, new family members or family members who are sick and need assistance.
Jury Leave
Charter continues to pay employees regular wages for up to two weeks of jury duty each year.
Many employees can receive benefits to further their education. Information is available to all employees from local HR representatives.

 Day to Day Needs
Most of us have day-to-day needs and expenses for medical, dental and vision care. Charter provides a full array of benefits so you can pick the ones that make sense for you ­ and that best meets your needs and the needs of your family. Taking advantage of these benefits also can help you pay for the cost of health care not covered by a Charter plan and dependent day care.
Charter provides medical coverage that can pay a significant percentage of your and your enrolled family member's medical expenses. The plan available to you depends upon the Charter location in which you work. More specific information about the plan offered in your location is available from your HR representative.
Charter employees can elect to enroll for dental coverage. The exact dental plan available varies based on location.
Vision benefits are included when you enroll in a Charter medical plan. The benefit, provided through Vision Service Plan (VSP) offers a low co-payment on eye exams and allowances for contacts and eyeglass frames and lenses.
Benefit Accounts
Also called Flexible Spending Accounts, Charter employees may elect to set aside money on a pre-tax basis for eligible healthcare and dependent care expenses that aren't paid by other insurance.
Employee Assistance Program
Charter provides our employees a confidential resource for help and referrals with emotional, medical and financial problems concerning themselves or their families.

Life Insurance
Charter offers several basic and enhanced life insurance options so you can choose what fits your personal and family needs. The company also pays the cost of Workers' Compensation and Short- and Long Term Disability coverages to help replace your income if you're disabled because of sickness or injury.

- Short Term Disability
- Long Term Disability
- Employee Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
- Supplemental Employee Life Insurance
- Dependent Life Insurance
- Workers' Compensation

Retirement Benefits
Charter offers a 401(k) Plan that will help meet the challenge of preparing for the future. The company also shares the cost of annual FICA contributions that count toward your Social Security benefits and provide basic retirement income.

Updated February 17, 2006

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