Leading producer of industrial chemicals.

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222 West Las Colinas Blvd.
Irving, TX 75039
Employees: 7,430
CEO: Mark Rohr
Stock Symbol: CE

Website: http://www.celanese.com

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Celanese is a leading global producer of value-added industrial chemicals, including acetyl products (acetic acid, vinyl acetate monomer, polyacetal products) and high-performance engineered polymers. The company's products, found in consumer and industrial applications, are manufactured in North America, Europe and Asia.

The company has four major businesses: Advanced Engineered Materials, Consumer Specialties, Industrial Specialties and Acetyl Intermediates.

Products from Celanese serve a diverse set of end-use applications including paints and coatings, textiles, automotive applications, consumer and medical applications, performance industrial applications, filter media, paper and packaging, chemical additives, construction, consumer and industrial adhesives, and food and beverage applications.

In 2013, Celanese reported revenue of $6.5 billion and net income of $1.1 billion.

45% of the company's employees are in North America with 43% in Europe and 11% in Asia.


1912 ­ Henri Dreyfus, who was working for Hoffmann La Roche at the time, asks the entrepreneur Alexander Clavel-Respinger for financial support and assistance in the production of fireproof celluloid out of cellulose acetate. On December 28, 1912, Clavel, along with Henri and his brother Camille set up "Cellonit Gesellschaft Dreyfus & Co." in Basle.

1913 ­ The company "Cellonit" is established. Cellonit contributes greatly to the development of new film materials and finds a sponsor in the Parisian film industrialist Pathe. The product line is diversified to include paints for German airplanes and Zeppelins.

1916 ­ The British government invites the Dreyfus brothers to Britain to produce their new airplane paint, along with the intermediate product acetic acid, which was being imported from Canada at the time due to World War I. The British Government patented the process developed by Henri Dreyfus, which lowered the costs of acetic acid anhydride production. "British Cellulose & Chemical Manufacturing Co." is set up. Henri Dreyfus manages the company with a workforce of 14,000.

1918 ­ Under the guidance of Camille Dreyfus, "The American Cellulose & Chemical Manufacturing Company" (known as "Amcelle" for short), is founded in New York.  The company commences building a production facility in Cumberland, MD.

1918 ­ The company gets into difficulties when all its paint contracts are cancelled after World War I. The Dreyfus brothers concentrate on the production of acetate fibers. "British Cellulose & Chemical Manufacturing Co." changes its name to "British Celanese Limited.

1921 ­ British Celanese begins commercial production of acetate yarn, taking advantage of a number of its new inventions, ranging from the technique used to spin thread to the treatment of dyed fibres. This change in direction ensures the company's survival.

1927 ­  The American Cellulose & Chemical Manufacturing Co. changes its name to "Celanese Corporation of America". The company, which will move on to produce plastics and chemicals, as well as fibers, will become one of the largest chemicals manufacturers in the country.

1930 ­ Celanese Corporation of America commences trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

December 2003 ­ Blackstone Capital Partners announces intention to launch a voluntary public offer to acquire all of the outstanding shares of Celanese AG.

November 2004 - Blackstone Crystal Holdings Capital Partners (Cayman) IV Ltd. (the controlling legal entity of Celanese subsequent to the successful takeover of Celanese AG by Blackstone) changes its name to Celanese Corporation. Celanese Corp. is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and is the parent company of Celanese's North American operations and Celanese AG. Henceforth Celanese AG is the holding company for Celanese's European operations and most of its Asian activities.


Medical Plan
Employees and their dependents are eligible to enroll for medical coverage to be effective on the first day of full-time employment.
Employee pre-tax contribution is required.

Dental Plan
Employees and their dependents are eligible to enroll for dental coverage to be effective on the first day of full-time employment.
There are two dental plan coverage options.
The option chosen determines the amount of employee's pre-tax contribution.

Family Protection Plans/Life Insurance
All full-time employees are eligible for the Family Protection Plan, which consists of several programs designed to provide benefits to an employee's family in the event of death or a severe physical loss. Coverage is automatic. The Family Protection Plan consists of the following benefits:
- Basic Life Insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance Coverage (AD&D)
- Voluntary Life and AD&D Insurance
- Dependent Life and AD&D Insurance
- Business Travel Accident Plan

Health Care Spending Account
Allows employee option to set aside $100 to $2,500 of pay before taxes to cover out-of-pocket health care expenses

Day Care Spending Account
Allows employee option to set aside $100 to $5,000 of pay before taxes to cover dependent-care expenses while you and your spouse work

Salary Continuation (Short Term Disability)
Provides protection from loss of wages should employee need to be absent from work because of personal illness or injury.
Benefits are based on length of service, with maximum of full pay up to 26 weeks for employee with one year or more years of service.
No cost to employee.

Long Term Disability
Basic coverage provides 50% base pay replacement for all employees at no cost.
Enhanced Coverage may be elected at employee expense; provides 66 2/3% base pay replacement.

Retirement Savings Plan
The Plan is a defined contribution retirement plan, otherwise known as a 401(k) plan.
Provides an opportunity for saving on a tax-deferred basis. For every dollar contributed to the Plan (up to 5% of pay), the Company will make a dollar-for-dollar matching contribution.
Employees may save 2% to 80% of base pay on a before-tax basis, an after-tax basis, or a combination of both, up to the IRS limit.
Employees are vested in matching contributions after three years of service.
Multiple investment options and loan options available.

Retirement Pension Plan
The Plan is a defined benefit retirement plan that provides a benefit upon retirement or termination of employment.
The Plan is a "cash balance plan."
Each plan year the Company allocates a percent of eligible pay to a notional plan account established on the employee's behalf and credits that account with interest.
Employees are vested after five years of service.

Vacation eligibility based on length of service beginning with one week of vacation in the first year of employment and two weeks in the second year, up to 5 weeks of vacation beginning with the 20th year of service.

Family Care Leave
Provides a period of unpaid leave to eligible employees who need time to care for a newborn or newly adopted child, or to care for a seriously ill spouse, parent, or child.

Child Care Resource and Referral Program
Offers assistance in identifying a primary-care provider, finding temporary care, seeking in-home care, and serving as a resource base for a host of parenting subjects

Adoption Assistance Program
Celanese will reimburse an eligible employee for some expenses associated with the adoption of a child.

Employee Assistance Program(EAP)
Provides employee and eligible dependents assistance from a professional counselor to deal with personal issues.
Employees and their dependents are eligible for a certain number of visits per year at no cost to the employee.

Military Leave: Reserve/National Guard
Provides pay allowance and time off for two weeks' "annual training."

Military Leave: Involuntary Call-Up
Provides six months' pay differential between employee's regular base pay and employee's basic military pay during the leave of absence.

Additional Voluntary Benefits
Group legal
- Special group rates for car, home, & personal property insurance
- Long-Term Care

Updated September 17, 2014