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Angie's List

Online provider of service reviews.

1030 E. Washington St.
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Employees: 772
CEO: Bill Oesterle
Stock Symbol: ANGI

Website: http://www.angieslist.com

Career Site

More than 2 million members nationwide check Angie's List reviews to find the best local service providers in over 720 categories, like roofers, plumbers, handymen, mechanics, doctors and dentists.

Angie's List members submit more than 65,000 reviews every month about the companies they hire. They include incredible details about how the project went (including cost), and grade the company's response time, price, professionalism and quality of work - good or bad - on an A to F scale. Angie's List members will tell you if a crew was conscious of children and pets, cleaned up after themselves or just totally botched the job.

Membership is required to read local reviews and post reviews. Members may not post anonymous reviews. Membership fees vary by location and category and can range from $1.50 to $5.20 per month with annual memberships available. Most members receive a free copy of Angie's List, a monthly magazine with local news about best and worst companies in the area.

For fiscal 2013, Angie's List reported revenue of $245.6 million, up 58% from the previous year. The company had a net loss of $33.0 million for the year.

The company reported 2,484,059 paid memberships at the end of 2013, a 39% increase.


Angie Hicks founded her self-named list in 1995 with 1,000 members in Columbus, OH. She is now Chief Marketing Officer.

The company went public on the Nasdaq stock market on November 17, 2011 at the price of $13 per share.


Angie's List is an Indianapolis-based company located downtown, offering excellent benefits including health, life and dental insurance, 10 free on-site wellness programs, on-site fitness center, holiday pay, 401(k), free parking, as well as many of the fun, intangible benefits of working in a smaller, progressive work environment.

Updated February 18, 2014