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A.G. Edwards

National brokerage firm.

One North Jefferson
St. Louis, MO 63103
Employees: 15,480
CEO: Robert Bagby
Subsidiary of Wachovia Bank

Website: http://www.agedwards.com

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A.G. Edwards is a national, full-service brokerage firm with more than 6,500 financial consultants in over 700 offices nationwide and in Europe.

A.G. Edwards is a member of all major stock, option and commodity exchanges.

On October 1, A.G. Edwards was officially acquired by Wachovia Bank for $6.8 billion. Wachovia's combined retail securities business, headquartered in St. Louis, will have a national footprint of 3,350 brokerage locations, including 1,500 dedicated retail brokerage offices nationwide, in addition to maintaining service affiliate offices in five Latin American countries. A.G. Edwards' investment banking business will be combined with Wachovia Capital Markets LLC.

The company has been named one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For in America by Fortune magazine.


General Albert Gallatin Edwards retired from his post of assistant secretary of the Treasury for the sub-Treasury bank in St. Louis (a precursor to the Federal Reserve). He founded A.G. Edwards and son in 1887 with his eldest son, Benjamin Franklin Edwards.

The company purchased a seat on the NY Stock Exchange in 1898.


Retirement and Profit Sharing [401(k)] Plan
A.G. Edwards' 401(k) plan has long been considered one of the best in the financial services industry. Our exceptional plan offers a wide variety of investment options and gives employees control over their accounts.

Plan Highlights
· Employees can contribute 1% to 50% (up to IRS limits) of their calendar-year earnings on a pretax and/or after-tax Roth basis. Employees aged 50 and older can also make additional catch-up contributions (up to IRS limit).
· Significant firm contributions consist of three components (employees are not required to contribute to receive this benefit):
· Required component -- 5% of employee earnings
· Profit sharing component -- Additional discretionary percentage based on the firm's profits
· A.G. Edwards stock component -- Up to 1% discretionary contribution of A.G. Edwards stock

Medical Plans
We offer three medical plan choices for our employees and their families, including a low premium high deductible health plan with an optional Health Savings Account. All of our medical plans:

· Offer comprehensive medical coverage
· Provide protection from catastrophic (high-dollar) medical claims
· Do not have a lifetime coverage limit
· Offer in-network and out-of-network benefits
· Use a nationwide network of PPO providers
· Include prescription drug coverage

Dental Plans
We offer two dental plan alternatives: a basic plan and an expanded plan. Both plans offer employees the flexibility of choosing their own dentists and specialists.

Vision Plan
Our vision plan offers affordable, quality vision care from a large nationwide network of providers. Employees can choose to use in-network and out-of-network benefits.

Flexible Spending Account
Our flexible spending account lets employees use pretax contributions to pay for health care or dependent care expenses not reimbursable under other group benefit plans.

Life, Disability, Accident and Long-Term Care Insurance Plans

· Basic Group Life Insurance Plan -- We provide company-paid basic group life insurance to all employees and their dependents. This plan provides employee coverage equal to their annual earnings, up to $100,000. The dependent benefit is $1,000 per dependent.
· Employee Group Variable Universal Life Insurance Plan -- Our optional employee-paid employee group variable universal life plan provides employee coverage up to $2.5 million. This plan also offers an optional tax-advantaged investment opportunity within the plan.
· Dependent Supplemental Term Life Insurance Plan -- Our optional employee-paid dependent supplemental term life plan provides dependent coverage up to $250,000.
· Long-Term Disability Insurance Plan -- Our optional employee-paid long-term disability plan provides protection against loss of income due to illness or injury if unable to work for more than 90 days. Two coverage alternatives are available: 50% or 60% of earnings.
· Business Travel Accident Insurance Plan -- We provide company-paid accidental death, paralysis or dismemberment insurance to all employees who travel on company business.
· Accident (AD&D) Insurance Plan -- Our optional employee-paid accident plan covers accidental death, paralysis or dismemberment. This plan provides employee coverage up to $1 million. Dependent coverage is also available.
· Long-Term Care Plan -- Our optional employee-paid long-term care plan provides a monthly benefit to an individual who needs long-term care. Employees choose from several plans and options that provide flexibility about how and where they receive care. Extended-family-member coverage is also available.

Updated November 18, 2007