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Paccar (profile)
California's largest electric utility; serving 4 million homes and businesses.
Parker Hannifin (profile)
PepsiCo (profile)
Peter Kiewit Sons
Pfizer Corp.
Philips Electronics
Pitney Bowes A-
Manufacturer of Postage Meters and Office Equipment. (profile)

Praxair (profile)
Principal Financial (profile)
Procter and Gamble A
The world's largest consumer-goods manufacturer. (profile)

Progressive (profile)
Prudential A- (profile)
Pulte Homes (profile)
Qwest A
Provides telephone and Internet access to 14 states in the Midwest and Western U.S.
Raytheon A (profile)
Rockwell Automation
Ryder (profile)
Sallie Mae (profile)
Sara Lee A -
Maker of food, underwear and household products. (profile)

Sharp Electronics A
Manufacturer of TVs and camcorders.
Sherwin Williams
Silicon Graphics
Sunoco (profile)
SONY --> news A-
Maker of walkmans, CD players, TVs and computers.
7-11 A
National chain of convenience stores. (profile)
Southwest Airlines A
Ranks among the world's best-run and low-cost airlines. (profile)
Staples (profile)
Starbucks A
Leading chain of coffee shops. (profile)
State Farm B
One of the nation's top property insurance companies. (profile)

Sun Trust Banks (profile)

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