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Gannett A-
Publisher of USA Today and 80 Daily Newspapers.
Geico (profile)
General Dynamics (profile) A
Manufacturer of defense systems and business aircraft.
General Electric A (profile) - News
Diversified industrial company.
General Mills A (profile)
General Motors B+ (profile) - News
Nation's leading car maker.
Georgia Pacific (profile)
Goldman Sachs B-
New York-based investment bank. (profile)
Goodyear A-
Leading maker of tires. (profile)
Google A
Leading Internet search engine. (profile)
Halliburton (profile)
Harley-Davidson A-
Leading maker of motorcycles.
Harris Corp. --> news
Hilton Hotels (profile)
Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) A
Nation's largest hospital company operating 182 hospitals. (profile)
Hershey Foods (profile)
Hewlett Packard A+
Over 105,000 employees worldwide. (profile) - News

Honeywell (profile)
Home Depot A+ (profile)
World's leading home-improvement retailer.
Hormel Foods A- (profile)
Hovnanian Enterprises (profile)
Humana (profile)
IBM A+ (profile)
Leading maker of computer equipment and software services. - News

Ingram Micro (profile)
Intel A
World's largest manufacturer of computer chips. (profile)
International Paper B+ (profile)

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